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Your Own Individual Cake in Cup


Do you ever get those moments when you NEED a cake?

I do!

At these times, mass produced, shop bought cakes just wont do.

I’m talking about a NEED for fresh, out of the oven, home-baked cake!!!

But, mixing up a batch of cupcakes or a Victoria sponge would be too much, and once the NEED for cake has been satisfied you’re left with too much cake which you’re either forced to eat or give away. Making too much isn’t such a bad thing, excess cake is never a bad thing, but with this small recipe you’ll have just the right amount of cake AND as a bonus it doesn’t make too much washing up afterwards.



Cake in a Cup

Equipment needed: 1 cup (the one I used holds about 320ml), Measuring Spoons, Mixing spoon and Eating spoon

2.5 level tbsp Butter at room temperature
3 level tbsp Light Brown Sugar
4 level tbsp Self Raising Flour
1 egg

Pre-heat your oven to 160c, 140c fan, Gas Mark 3

Put the butter and sugar into your cup and mix till fully combined

Break in the egg and beat

Add the self raising flour and mix until fully incorporated

Smooth the mixture to the bottom of the cup and wipe clean the outside, rim and top of the cup with a paper towel. If you don’t clean the cup, any smeared cake batter may burn, and although this isn’t a disaster it doesn’t look great.

Put your cup in the oven. Don’t worry, it’s not going to break!! When cups are made they are baked in a kiln, this means they’re used to getting hot. However, if you’re worried the glaze may crack, can I recommend you don’t use Granny’s best china.

Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes, or until a cocktail stick stuck into the centre comes out clean of any mixture

Remove from the oven and allow to cool

WARNING: remember your cup is HOT!! Don’t try and lift it out of the oven by its handle without an oven glove (experience speaking)

After its cooled for 5 minutes you can tuck in! Because the cup wasn’t greased, the cake will stick, and can’t be turned out as a usual cake is. Therefore, you need to dig in with a spoon. Either eat it naked (the cake, not you) or treat as a sponge pudding and cover in chocolate sauce, cream, custard or as I did ice-cream and fruit

Fresh Baked Cake NEED dealt with in less than and hour, and with only 1 cup and several spoons to wash.


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