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White Chocolate Marshmallow Cups


I’m very proud to be British, and why wouldn’t I be?


Reasons I love being British:
A good cup of Tea
Victoria Sponge
A Royal Family giving us extra holiday days last year and this
The British music scene and Glastonbury Festival
Digestives, Bourbons and Custard Cream biscuits
Eastenders – enough to make anyone feel grateful for their lives
A variety of weather we can talk about
The full English breakfast (although I forgo the black pudding)
and a good Sunday roast!

I’m not saying its all great….we also have the boredom of the Premier League, Marmite and Jaffa Cakes but never mind……

However, sometimes I read blogs, written by bakers and cooks in America and as a baker of sweet goodies I often long for their variety of ingredients: butterscotch chips, Twinkies, peanut butter chips, corn syrup…..the list is endless.

So you can imagine my excitement when I went shopping on Saturday, and found the all American Marshmallow Fluff, Cookies and Cream Hershey Kisses and Strawberry Spread. I bought them all, with no idea of what to do with them, just pleased I was able to buy them in MY supermarket in Surrey.

It hasn’t taken me long to use them and here is my first recipe using one of new ingredients, just for Valentines Day which is super easy and uses only 2 or 3 ingredients!!!



White Chocolate Marshmallow Cups

100gms White Chocolate
9 teaspoons of Marshmallow Fluff Spread
Red food colouring
Sprinkles and glitter for decoration

Start by putting a metal cupcake tin in the fridge – I just happened to have a heart shape one for Valentines

Break the chocolate into a bowl and melt it in the microwave. Do it in 10 – 20 second burst, to make sure it doesn’t burn

Mix a few spots of red food colouring in. Keep adding until you get a just the colour you want.

Take the cupcake tin out of the fridge and swish some of the melted chocolate around the bottom and sides of 6 of the holes. As the tin is cold, it should set pretty instantly, but put it in the fridge just to set it properly

After 15 minutes take it from the fridge and repeat. If your melted chocolate is not runny enough, put it back in the microwave for 10 seconds

After the second coat of chocolate has set, spoon one and a half teaspoons of marshmallow spread into each chocolate lined hole and spread it to the edges

Cover the marshmallow with a final layer of chocolate and decorate with sprinkles or glitter

Pop your creations back in the fridge to fully set for an hour of so

Getting your marshmallow cups out of the tin can be tricky, but if you dip the base in hot water for a matter of seconds, they should just slip out.

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