The Egg-stra Sunday Supplement

Well, what a week. The New Year is certainly up and running. So to recap:

We’ve had Raspberry and Chocolate Cupcake Bakes

And Individual Cakes in a Cup

Next week…..drum roll please, I’m hoping to bring you Diet Coke Chicken, and Vanilla and Beetroot Cupcakes. But I’m apologising now if that doesn’t happen because I’m off to work in Bournemouth for the week, and I can’t guarantee the hotel will have wifi!

Since starting this blog, I have become obsessed with other food blogs. I’ve got hundreds (if not hundreds then definitely loads and loads) of blogs on my reader and it has become an enjoyable habit to sit down in the evening and catch up on all the new posts.

I’ve been given loads of ideas, have commented on a few, and have filed a few recipes onto my ‘recipe to do’ list for future use. And now I’ve decided some just have to be shared….so I’ve decided to introduce Share Stuff Sunday, so I can introduce you to any blog posts I have particularly enjoyed, or think are of use.

Also, it’s a good way for me to remind myself of any I’ve missed off the to do list.

Firstly this week, comes Cakeboule who didn’t have the best start to the week but made some awesome Vanilla Extract


I also loved Baking Beats this week, with great burgers accompanied by some fantastic music.


And lastly I thoroughly enjoyed Life of a Cupcake Baker, who made the most adorable English Garden Cakes, offering us hope that spring isn’t too far away.


In other news…….I was very chuffed when Holly Bell, finalist of the 2011 Great British Bake Off, gave @DaisyCakeCo a Twitter Follow Friday this week.

And my incredibly clever niece, who I believe may be of genius status (people say she’s just like me!), did me this:



Have a great week!!

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