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Are you a cake maker running a business, or a business owner making cakes? Here we hope to help you become the business owner your cakes deserve. Welcome to The Business of Cake Making Podcast, hosted by Bronya and Sammie. Our aim is to help anyone who runs a cake business with advice from our extensive experience. We will have useful information, great guests and hopefully a few laughs along the way.

The Business of Cake Making – Ep 9. Paul Bradford and David Brice from CakeFlix

For this episode Bronya and Sammie chatted to Paul Bradford and David Brice from the Multi Award Winning CakeFlix.

Paul and David openly discuss how their first retail business shaped their current online business, CakeFlix.

CakeFlix is an online educational resource which has changed and developed since it was first launched. This was recorded during the Covid 19 Lockdown, when free online resources were popping up all over. Paul and David have learnt to adapt their business over the years. Find out how they keep their business thriving by keeping on top of and reacting to change.

Paul Bradford and David Brice - CakeFlix

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The Business of Cake Making – Ep 8. Hannah – The Cake Illusionist

Sammie talks to Hannah, The Cake Illusionist. Hannah makes amazing sculpted and structural cakes. 

In this episode Sammie talks to Hannah about how her personal struggle resulted in her having a career she truly loves. Also, how she find inspiration from, in her words ‘staying in her lane’, and how she wants to help other cake makers achieve their goals of earning their worth from this business we call cake.

Hannah’s story and work ethic inspirational, and whilst there is no one topic for this episode there is still so much to take away.

Apologies for the technical difficulties that can be heard in this episode. It seems Covid 19 Lockdown is playing havoc with broadband and the internet

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The Business of Cake Making – Ep 7. Lockdown – Pivoting your Business and using the time to expand your skills

How have you been coping through the Covid-19 Lockdown? We have a catch up on where we are, how businesses can pivot and adapt, and what can we do to use the time to increase our skills.

We also bring back Katie lake Volcof and Lex Fleming to hear their opinions on how Covid 19 will effect their businesses and what they’re doing during the Lockdown time.

It’s a bit of a mish mash, but there are loads of little gems in here with all the links to be found in our shownotes.

Sammie and Bronya, Hosts of The Business of Cake Making

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Podcast Episode 6: Pinterest with Creative Content Coach, Rachel Emma Waring

This episode we move onto one of the more fun parts of business, Marketing, specifically Pinterest.

We invited Creative Content Coach, Rachel Emma Waring to join us to chat all things Pinterest, and why it’s great for Creative Businesses. We pick up some great tips, and find out why and how we should be strategically pinning for our business.

Episode 6 - Rachel Emma Waring, Pinterest

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Podcast Episode 5: Top Tips for Cake Consultations and Deliveries

Bronya and Sammie have conducted hundreds of cake consultations and delivered as many, if not more, large cakes throughout their career.

Hear how the mistakes they’ve made and their wealth of experience has taught them how to do this better. Get their top tips on Consultations and Deliveries.

Learn from their mistakes so you don’t make your own!

Podcast - Cake Consultations & Deliveries

Podcast Episode 4: Ideal Client with Lex Fleming

Episode 4 is all about one of the most fundamental topics when running a business – Ideal Client. Lex Fleming, founder of The Wedding Breakfast Club, blows our minds with why we need an Ideal Client, how we get to know our Ideal Client, and how they can stop the anxiety of potential complaints. 

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Podcast Episode 3: Finding your Niche with Katie from Malarkey Cakes

Katie Lake Volcof from Malarkey Cakes and Malarkey Cake School chats to Sammie and Bronya about building her business and the importance of finding a Niche in the market.

Katier Lake Volcof from Malarkey Cakes

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Podcast – Extra Filling No.2. Carrying on through Covid-19

Sammie and Bronya’s 2nd chat after lock down – find out how we’re coping and how we’ve found another use for our cars.
Oh, and Bronya had to say goodbye because her ‘Drive Thru’ Sunday roast had arrived and it was time for dinner……what strange times!!

Podcast Episode 2: Cake Business Basics

Are you setting up a Cake Business? Want to know the basics of setting up? This episode explains the fundamental differences between being a Cake Business and a Hobby Baker, and what you need to do to be a pukka, bonafide business……you’ll be surprised it’s not as hard as you think!

Show Notes:

Food Standards Agency for advise on registering your business and getting all the paperwork you need.
British Sugarcraft Guild. Ideal insurance for businesses making under £7.5k
Direct Line Business Insurance – we’ve heard quite a few cake makers use this.

Podcast – Extra Filling No.1. Covid-19

Bronya and Sammie introduce Extra Filling into The Business of Cake Making Podcast, with a forthnightly chat. This week, how could it be anything else but Covid-19 and how it’s effected business.

Podcast Episode 1: The Intros

Bronya and Sammie, hosts of The Business of Cake Making, and owners of Daisy Cake Company, introduce themselves to the podcast world. Learn how they both got into cake making, and what they’re doing now.

Podcast - The Business of Cake Making

Hosted by Bronya and Sammie of Daisy Cake Company.

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