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Are you a cake maker running a business, or a business owner making cakes? Here we hope to help you become the business owner your cakes deserve. Welcome to The Business of Cake Making Podcast, hosted by Bronya and Sammie. Our aim is to help anyone who runs a cake business with advice from our extensive experience. We will have useful information, great guests and hopefully a few laughs along the way.

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Episode 47 – Selling to Cafes and Coffee Shops

Both Bronya and Sammie have experience of selling cakes and bakes to cafes and coffee shops. Sometimes it’s been successful, sometimes not.

In this episode we talk about our experience of selling via a third party, and why we’ve sometimes turned contracts down.

Here us talk about the things to think about if you get approached to bake for cafes and coffee shops.

selling to fairs and markets

Product of the Week!

Episode 46 – Rude Cookies

This episode we chat to Magda and Aga from Rude Cookies. In business together for just 1 year, and never really expecting this to be a full flourishing business they are already looking to expand because they are so busy.

What they do is exceptionally niche and a lesson in why niching down can be so successful.

Episode 46 - Rude Cookies

Rude Cookies –

Rude Cookies on Instagram –

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Episode 45 – Christine The Cake Professionals

This episode we have a returning guest. Christine from the Cake Professionals has come back to chat about The Regionals that are being held in March and April. However, like all good conversations, we also chatted about why cake makers should educate themselves about how to run a small business and value their worth as cake makers, as well as a few small hints and tips like putting your cake dummies in the dishwasher instead of the bath to clean them.

Ep 45 - Christine Jensen

The Cake Professionals Website –

The Cake Professionals on Instagram –

The Cake Professionals on Facebook –

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Episode 44 – Lucy Burton author of Postal Bakes

Ever wondered what goes into writing a cookbook? In this episode we speak to Lucy Burton who over lockdown sold bakes by post. Knowing this was a great idea she wrote a book proposal and her book ‘Postal Bakes’ is released this coming May – quite the whirlwind!

Lucy Burton

Pre-order Book from:
A Great Read

Lucy Burton Bakes Instagram –

Product of the Week!

Episode 43 – Recipe Development

This episode we talk about how we introduce new flavours into tried and tested recipes. Rather than starting afresh and having to trial every new flavour a client may want, having a basic vanilla cake that you can add extras to will help hugely.

Recipe Development

Episode 29 – Baking Tips –

Essential Cake Ingredients Blog Post –

Light and Fluffy Sponge Cake Blog Post-

How to bake best Cupcakes Hints & Tips Blog Post –

Product of the Week!

Episode 42 – Claire from Beyond the oven talking about Tax and Finance

We know that as Cake Makers and Creatives, the thought of doing our Tax Return often fills us with dread. So, to debunk things and make life a little more understandable we invited Claire From Beyond the Oven to come and chat all things Tax and Finance.

Claire is an Accountant who specialises in dealing with Cake Makers, so know it’s not a job we love, and knows how to explain things in a way that is fully understandable.

There are loads of link and resources on her website! Link below.

Product of the Week!

Episode 41 – Robert Haynes from Sugar Flower Studio

Ahead of the start of Robert’s first 3 week online sugar flower workshop, we chat to him about how he got to this point. He makes the most realistic sugar flowers and has taught his craft all over the world. Covid and the Pandemic put a stop to that, so he challenged himself to take his teaching online.

He also chats to us about the products he has bought to market, and the work and research that went into them. He’s a fascinating man, and a truly interesting listen.

Robert Haynes

Sugar Flower Studio Academy –

Sugar Flower Studio –

Sugar Flower studio Tutorials –

British Sugarcraft Guild –

Some of the Orchids we looked at during to podcast:

Flying Duck Orchid
Darth Vader Orchid
White Egret Orchid

Sammie Podcast Playlist – Sammie’s Shizzle

Product of the Week!

Robert Haynes Flower Paste

Episode 40 – Rest Your Business for 2022

In this, the first episode of 2022, we’re looking at ways you can refresh and reset your business for 2022.

From decluttering to getting out and getting new inspiration, we explore ways we find useful to pick up for the new year and move our businesses forward.

Sammie Podcast Playlist – Sammie’s Shizzle

Product of the Week!

Washi Tape

Episode 39 – Molly Robbins

This episode we are speaking to Molly Robbins. Still only 30 she has been in the business over 11 years and has been on Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers, has her own cake and product business and now teaches in her studio in Rossendale.
She tell us all about how she got into the business, how she came to be on Extreme Cake Makers, the tragic story about the fire at her studio and how she pulled through to now have a studio and warehouse to house her amazing business.

Molly’s Creature Creator –

Molly Makes Cakes –

Molly Robbins Instagram –

Molly Robbins Facebook –

Product of the Week!

Episode 38 – Our 2021 Roundup

Have you found 2021 tricky? We have!!

In this episode we give a round-up of all our highs and lows this year, and look forward to 2022.

Product of the Week!

Hobby Lamp

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

Available from Project Love

Episode 37 – Cake International. Do Competitions Help your Business?

In this episode Bronya and Sammie talk all about the fun day out they had at Cake International – the first Exhibition for 2 years!
They also chat about their experiences of entering competitions and if and how they can help your business.

Product of the Week!

Episode 36 – Cake Commnity with Caroline Jax Cake School

In this episode we are talking to Caroline from Caroline Jax Cake School. Her school is unique in that it offers a Membership. She also has a Free Facebook Group, so we thought she was the ideal person to talk about Cake Communities and Community over Competition.

Caroline Jax Cake School Website –

Caroline Jax Cake School on Instagram –

Caroline Jax Cake School Facebook Group, The Cake Business Lounge –

Cake Community with Caroline Jax Cake School

Product of the Week!

Dresden Tool

Dresden Tool

Robert Haynes



Pre-Cut Greaseproof Circles

Greaseproof Circles

Cake Boxes Direct

Cake Decorating Company

Episode 35 – Customer Care and Customer Experience

Episode 35 is all about Customer Care and Customer Experience. Basically the journey your customer goes on with you from the moment they find you.

Admittedly, in the past it’s not something either of us have been great at, but we’ve learnt loads over the years, and we’ve learnt that automation is often your best friend, especially when it comes to emails – make use of Auto Responders and Templates! 

Episode 35 - customer care and customer experience

Product of the Week!

Episode 34 – Wedding Fairs with PMN Wedding Fayres

In Episode 34 we spoke to PMN Wedding Fayres, one of the largest Wedding Fayre organisers in the South of England.

They gave us valuable advise on which wedding fayres to choose to attend, as well as how to get the best out of your investment when you’re at the fayre and showing your cakes.

Product of the Week!

Episode 33 – Wish We Knew

Today’s episode is all about things we wish knew when we started running our businesses.

If you are just starting your cake business, or if you are struggling in your cake business then maybe us reminiscing about the things we wish we knew when we were starting our businesses will help you. Learn from the mistakes we made so you dont make the same ones.

This episode has been inspired by the Podcast by Vix Meldrew and Alice Benham, with the same title ‘Wish We Knew‘.

Also, we introduce a new feature today: Product of the Week!

Podcast - Wish We Knew

Sammie’s Thanks goes to:
Hollie Sherrard – Hollie’s Cake Kitchen
Sally Harding – Baked by Sally
Victoria Blomfield – Cakes by Victoria

Insurance Companies:
ADS Insurance (sponsors of Cake Professionals) –
Willow Insurance –
British Sugarcraft Guild –
Direct Line –

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Episode 32 – No Episode but lots of Freebies

Due to the death of Sammie’s Mum we have not recorded an episode this week. However, we come bearing gifts with some Freebies to help you in your Cake Making Business.

Please click on this link to get all the freebies:

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Social Media Prompts

Episode 31 – Cake Construction

Following a couple of wedding cake disasters Bronya and Sammie have had, they decided to share their bad experiences and pass on the lessons they’ve learnt in this episode on Cake Construction.

Learn about everything from damming your buttercream, to ganaching your cake, to dowels and centre dowels.

Also, learn what to look out for when you deliver your cake to make sure everything will keep it upright until the customer cuts and eats it.

Cake Construction: We're talking about levelling, damming, airbules, ganache, dowels and centre dowels!

Bronya tried the Profroster – Watch the Reel here

Buy Pro-froster –

Cakeflix has loads of tuition on Ganache. Some is free, some is paid content. We recommend the Shimmering Lace Wedding Cake tutorial by Faye Cahill. –

Cake Dowelling tips with Emily Hankins and Cake Decorating Company-

PME Easy Cut Dowels –

Wooden/Bamboo Dowels –

Other Dowels are available – these were the ones we were discussing in this episode.

Episode 30 – We’re back with a catch up

We had July off because the cake deliveries all went a bit nuts after the lockdown lifted. In this episode we have a catch up with how life is now weddings are allowed and cake deliveries are happening again.

This episode sees us talking about the cake deliveries, Sammie’s collapsing cake, some of the wedding cakes we’ve made and what we’ve got coming up soon.

Bronya tried the Profroster – Watch the Reel here

Alan Berg Podcast –

Sugarcraft Junkies Podcast –

Cake Professionals –

Episode 29 – Baking Tips

We have managed to do 28 episodes and not once mention anything about baking! We’ve rectified that here in Episode 29 with our Top Baking Tips!

We give you a quick run down on the science behind baking before telling you all our tips to get a better bake.

We are taking a month off after this episode whilst 2020 orders catch up with us in 2021. We’ll be back in August.

Episode 28 – Time Management

In an episode, beset with technical issues, Bronya and Sammie chat through Time Management.

Being busy isn’t always a sign of success. Organising your time efficiently and effectively can free up hours for you to enjoy your business and your own self care. In this episode we talk about setting red lines, planning and prioritising, and tips to help you get the best out of your working time.


Episode 27 – Value and Worth with Katie from Malarkey Cakes

This episode we invite Katie from Malarkey Cake School back to be a guest to discuss Valuing Yourself and Charging your Worth as a Cake Maker.

A subject close to all of our hearts we discuss how you can earn a living from running a cake business. It comes from actually knowing your costs, having confidence in your pricing and treating your customers, service and all your business practices as a whole.

In truth we could have talked for hours and hours on this subject, and we are sure we will return to it one day, because after we are all ultimately in business to make money.

Katie Lake Malarkey Cakes

Bronyas Blog Post – How Much Do Cake Makers Earn

Malarkey Cake School –
Malarkey Cake School on Instagram –
Malarkey Cake School on Facebook –

Rise up: The Cake Society Facebook Group –

Malarkey Cakes –

Episode 26 – Mental Health Awareness with Maria Ditch

Recorded during Mental Health Awareness Week, we speak to Cake Maker and Mental Health Nurse and Educator Maria Ditch.

She delves into the problems we may face as Cake Makers, how to notice the symptoms and how we can help ourselves maintain better Mental Health.

This Epsiode is one Bronya and Sammie have been eager to do and cannot emphasise it’s importance.

HOMEWORK: Take 1 hour to yourself every week to do something you really enjoy!

Maria Ditch

Dellissima Cakes –
Dellissima Cakes on Facebook –
Dellissima Cakes on Instagram –

Mango Minds on Facebook –

Light Up Local on Facebook –

Cake Minds –
The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy –
MiGoals Planners –

Episode 25 – Copy Caking

In this episode, Bronya and Sammie talk about Copy Caking. They cover everything from copyrighted and character cakes, to being asked to reproduce other cake makers creations.

They talk about their experience with Trading Standards, as well as how developing their own styles and not copying other cake makers cakes has bought them more work they enjoy and ultimately better job satisfaction.

Quirky, Stunning Split Wedding Cake, with handmade sugar flowers
This is the cake Sammie talks about in the episode!

Podcast Episode with Lex Fleming about Ideal Client –

Podcast Episode with Katie from Malarkey Cakes –

Malarkey Cakes Blog Post –

Other advise about Copyright Cakes –

Episode 24 – Christine and Phil Jensen from Peboryon, Cake Professionals and Black Box Cake

This Episode we speak to the amazing Christine and Phil Jensen. Not only are the Channel 4 and Netflix stars with their incredible cake company Peboryon on Extreme Cake Makers, they are also organisers and hosts of Cake Professionals.

Here they tell us how they started in cake making and how the Cake Professionals came about. Their aim is to ensure cake makers strive and thrive in their businesses.

Christine and Phil Jensen

Peboryon Website –

Peboryon Facebook –

Peboryon Instagram –

The Cake Professionals –

The Cake Professionals Facebook –

The Cake Professionals Instagram –

Black Box Cake –

Black Box Cake Facebook –

Black Box Cake Instagram –

Episode 23 – Cake Inspiration

This episode Sammie and Bronya chat about where they find inspiration for their cakes.

Sammie comes at it from the angle of flavours – where she gets new flavours, how she learns to perfect her bakes and where her flavour inspo comes from.

Bronya chats about the look of cakes. Where to go to find the best inspirations – and it’s NOT other peoples cakes.

Where do you go for your creative inspiration, we’d love to know!

Cake Inspiration

Bronya’s Cookbook – Pre-order with Crowdfunder –

Episode 22 – Cake Minds with Rhu Strand and Sam Stringer

This episode we talk to founder of Cake Minds Rhu Strand, along with one of its teachers Sam Stringer.

Both Rhu and Sam are Cake International Gold Award Winners, with Rhu a previous Best in Show winner. Now they put their talents and experience to use with Cake Minds.

Cake Minds is a network of teachers with Rhu at the helm, guiding others with her expertise. There is a free magazine and classes currently online, but soon in person (just once all the Pandemic stuff is over).

Genuinely one of the best chats we’ve had. We felt like we met kindred cake spirits, which was only reinforced when Sammie and Rhu found they had literally been neighbours last year!!

Cake Minds Website –

Cake Minds Instagram –

Cake Minds Facebook –

Cake Minds Facebook Group –

Episode 21 – Zoe from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes

This Episode we speak to Zoe from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes. Zoe is an internet sensation in the cake world with a big following on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

We speak to her about how she started, what it’s like working with her family, how the Pandemic has changed how she works and what are the plans for her business going forward.

Zoe’s Fancy Cakes Website –

Zoe’s Fancy Cake YouTube –

Zoe’s Fancy Cakes Instagram –

Zoe’s Fancy Cakes Facebook –

Episode 20 – Our Top 16 Must Have bits of Equipment

In this episode we discuss the bits of kit we wouldn’t be without and why!. There is none of your fancy letter stencils or anything, just the basics that are in our cake toolboxes.

Top 16 Equipment List

Our Top 16:
1. Mixer
2. Spatula
3. Tins
4. Scraper
5. Palette Knife
6. Oven and Oven Thermometer
7. Airbrush
8. Paint Brushes
9. Modelling Tools
10. Non-stick Rolling Pin
11. Self Healing Cutting Mat
12. Turntable
13. Foam Mat
14. Basic Petal Cutters
15. Good Light
16. Scalpel or Craft Knife

Episode 19 -Photographing Your Cakes with Beth Lavin

Possibly one of the most useful episodes we’ve ever recorded. It’s a subject we get asked about the most, and that we see people in Facebook groups asking the most – What is the best way to photograph cakes?

Branding, Product and Wedding Photography Expert Beth Lavin joins Sammie and Bronya to share hints and tips which we can only describe as Cake Podcast Gold!

Click Here for Beth’s Blog Blog Post on How to Photograph Cakes

Beth Lavin - Podcast Photographing cakes

Beth Lavin Photography –

Beth Lavin Branding on Instagram –

Beth Lavin Weddings on Facebook –

Episode 18 – Instagram with Gina from The Social Teacup

This episode we are joined with Gina from The Social Teacup to talk about Instagram. She gives us some great insights into how to manage your Instagram and how to engage with your audience.

Gina Felstead

The Social Teacup Instagram –

The Social Teacup Website –

Episode 17 – Goal Setting in 2021

Bronya and Sammie chat about goal setting and how it can help to move your business forward. 

Sammie has her usual  collection of soundbites, including one of the most important to remember in a pandemic ‘set goals you can control’.

Note: this episode was recorded in December 2020, before Lockdown 3 was announced.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Relevant/Relatable
T – Time

Give yourself time and Plan for success

Write goals with YOUR values and passion – YOU do YOU!


Episode 16 – Looking forward past Covid and Business Plan Writing

Following a short break, we have decided to dispense with the Series/Season numbers and just plough through Episode numbers from the start.

We’ve had good news on Covid due to Track and Trace, and Vaccines coming through. So we are looking to 2021 with new hope. Sammie does a round up of how to start planning for a post Covid world, whilst Bronya chats through an essential, but rarely done thing amongst Cake Makers – writing a Business Plan.

Glamour Magazine Article –

Ideal Client Episode –
Ideal Client Blog Post –

Pricing Episode –

Writing a Business Plan – Things to include:
Client Summary – Ideal Client.
Vision Statement – ‘My Vision is too………..’
Brand Summary – Persona, Voice, Visuals, Promise
Market – what is your market and how do you fit it. Do you have a niche? Who else is in your market/niche?
Is the market saturated in your area, diversify.
Products and Services Summary – what are you offering, what is your style, what you aren’t going to offer (if that’s important)
Pricing and Financial Statement – Set financial goals. Set financial requirements. Set your Pricing.
Processes – establish your processes. Admin, sales journey, if you do deliveries, will you do tasting sessions etc
Marketing Plan – where, how and how often are you going to be marketing. Do you have a budget, and what is it?

The Business of Cake Making – Season 2. Episode 6 – Emily Hankins

In this episode Bronya and Sammie chat to the wonderful Emily Hankins. Known for her beautiful painted cakes, Emily explains why painted cakes became her thing, why she teaches her techniques to others and how her online teaching through lockdown has led to her launching her own school. 

Emily is a great ambassador for the cake industry and was named one of Cake Masters Top 10 Cake Artists of 2019.

Emily Hankins

Emily Hankins Cakes –

Emily Hankins Cakes Facebook –

Emily Hankins Cakes Instagram –

Emily Hankins Cakes Pinterest –

The Business of Cake Making – Season 2. Episode 5 – Working ON your cake business

Sammie and Bronya share 5 top tips to work ON your cake business, whilst it’s quiet and you’re not working IN your cake business.

From reviewing your processes, to content planning, these 5 things will keep you focused and make your business work smarter for you when things are busy again!

5 Way to work ON your business Blog Post –

Ideal Client Blogpost –

Ideal Client Episode with Lex Fleming –

Pinterest Episode with Rachel Emma Waring –

Creative Content Clubhouse Facebook Group –

Cake International Facebook Page –

LaterCon Social Media Conference (Online) –

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Actionable
R – Relatable and Relevant
T – Time
E – Evaluate
R – Reward


If you plan to fail, you fail to plan

The Business of Cake Making – Season 2. Episode 4 – Cake Fear and Anxiety

Cake Fear is very real!!

After running Daisy Cake Company for over 10 years, Bronya and Sammie have learnt many ways to combat and deal with the fear and anxiety of cake making.

The Business of Cake Making ran a survey which a lot of fellow cake makers completed. In this episode we unpack the answers and offer and advise and techniques to overcome the very real anxiety that is Cake Fear!

Quick ways to reduce anxiety

If everything is going wrong. You’re hot and sweaty, you’re anxious and you need to focus……
STOP! Breath in hold for 4, breath out for 4……do that 4 times. Fill your belly first before your lungs.
You need to stop and reset yourself.
Take a break!

Close your eyes. Picture yourself somewhere where you really love. Visualise yourself in this calming place. Try to feel and hear all the things around you.
This will focus on something less stressful. It will lower your heart beat and relax you because your are projecting your mind to somewhere that you find relaxing.
Focus on something now.

Focus on the Present:
When people are anxious they are usually obsessing about something that might occur in the future.
You need to focus on now. You need to pause and breath. Pay attention to what’s happening now, for you. It doesn’t matter what’s going on elsewhere. You are important.
By focussing on the present moment will help your ability to manage the situation.

The Happy Place with Fern Cotton –

Selfie by Kristen Howerten –

Grounded by Louis Theroux –

The Business of Cake Making – Season 2. Episode 3 – Pricing

In this episode Bronya and Sammie talk about one of the most feared subjects – Pricing!!

It may be dull and dry, but its essential to ANY business. Do you know the difference between wages and profit? Do you recognise all the hidden costs and time in your business?

Bronya and Sammie don’t tell you what to charge, but they give you guidance, from their experience, how to charge.

Profit First –

National Insurance Advise –

Tax for Self Employed –

The Business of Cake Making – Season 2. Ep 2. Nastassja, The Indulgent Sugar Plum

Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Interview with The Indulgent Sugarplum, and Channel 4 Extreme Cake Maker, Nastassja. 

We decided that the 1 and a half hour long interview was too long for one episode, and too interesting to cut anything out, so we’ve split it into 2 parts.

In Part 1 Nastassja is talking about her journey to becoming the cake maker she is today and what it felt like to get the call from Channel 4.

Nastassja Indulgent Sugar Plum

Part 2

In Part 2 Nastassja speaks about her aesthetic, design process and inspiration. She tells us how she considers herself an artist, not jut a baker, and how Cake is her canvas. It truly is a new way to look at the creative cake process!

Indulgent Sugar Plum Cake

The Indulgent Sugar Plum –

The Indulgent Sugar Plum on Instagram –

The Indulgent Sugar Plum on Facebook –

The Business of Cake Making – Season 2, Episode 1. Stacey McDonald – The Modern Storyteller

Welcome to Season 2 of The Business of Cake Making.

Episode 1 of Season 2 is all about Storytelling in you business, and how to use communication to make customers out of strangers.

Stacey MacDonald, The Modern Story Teller is a communications expert and explains how your stories can communicate your message to your clients.

Stacey MacDonald - The Modern Story Teller

The Modern Story Teller –

The Modern Story Teller on Faebook –

The Modern Story Teller on Instagram –

The Modern Story Teller on Linkedin –

The Business of Cake Making Season 1

The Business of Cake Making – Ep 9. Paul Bradford and David Brice from CakeFlix

For this episode Bronya and Sammie chatted to Paul Bradford and David Brice from the Multi Award Winning CakeFlix.

Paul and David openly discuss how their first retail business shaped their current online business, CakeFlix.

CakeFlix is an online educational resource which has changed and developed since it was first launched. This was recorded during the Covid 19 Lockdown, when free online resources were popping up all over. Paul and David have learnt to adapt their business over the years. Find out how they keep their business thriving by keeping on top of and reacting to change.

Paul Bradford and David Brice - CakeFlix

CakeFlix –

CakeFlix Master –

CakeFlix TV –

CakeFlix on Instagram –

CakeFlix on Facebook –

CakeFlix Community Facebook Group –

The Business of Cake Making – Ep 8. Hannah – The Cake Illusionist

Sammie talks to Hannah, The Cake Illusionist. Hannah makes amazing sculpted and structural cakes. 

In this episode Sammie talks to Hannah about how her personal struggle resulted in her having a career she truly loves. Also, how she find inspiration from, in her words ‘staying in her lane’, and how she wants to help other cake makers achieve their goals of earning their worth from this business we call cake.

Hannah’s story and work ethic inspirational, and whilst there is no one topic for this episode there is still so much to take away.

Apologies for the technical difficulties that can be heard in this episode. It seems Covid 19 Lockdown is playing havoc with broadband and the internet

The Cake Illusionist Website –

The Cake Illusionist Online School –

The Cake Illusionist on Facebook –

The Cake Illusionist Sculpting School Community Facebook Group for Online School Students –

The Cake Illusionist on Instagram –

The Business of Cake Making – Ep 7. Lockdown – Pivoting your Business and using the time to expand your skills

How have you been coping through the Covid-19 Lockdown? We have a catch up on where we are, how businesses can pivot and adapt, and what can we do to use the time to increase our skills.

We also bring back Katie lake Volcof and Lex Fleming to hear their opinions on how Covid 19 will effect their businesses and what they’re doing during the Lockdown time.

It’s a bit of a mish mash, but there are loads of little gems in here with all the links to be found in our shownotes.

Sammie and Bronya, Hosts of The Business of Cake Making

The Cake Illusionist –

CakeFlix –

CakeFlix Live TV –

CakeFlix Master –

Malarkey Cakes School –

Lex Fleming –

British Sugar Craft Guild –

Bread Ahead –

BronyaDCC Facebook Lives –

Podcast Episode 6: Pinterest with Creative Content Coach, Rachel Emma Waring

This episode we move onto one of the more fun parts of business, Marketing, specifically Pinterest.

We invited Creative Content Coach, Rachel Emma Waring to join us to chat all things Pinterest, and why it’s great for Creative Businesses. We pick up some great tips, and find out why and how we should be strategically pinning for our business.

Episode 6 - Rachel Emma Waring, Pinterest

Rachel Emma Studios –

Rachel Emma Waring Instagram –

Rachel Emma Studio on Pinterest –

Rachel Emma Studio Instagram –

Creative Content Clubhouse Facebook Group –

The Business Proposal Podcast –

The Business Proposal Podcast Instagram –

Podcast Episode 5: Top Tips for Cake Consultations and Deliveries

Bronya and Sammie have conducted hundreds of cake consultations and delivered as many, if not more, large cakes throughout their career.

Hear how the mistakes they’ve made and their wealth of experience has taught them how to do this better. Get their top tips on Consultations and Deliveries.

Learn from their mistakes so you don’t make your own!

Podcast - Cake Consultations & Deliveries

Podcast Episode 4: Ideal Client with Lex Fleming

Episode 4 is all about one of the most fundamental topics when running a business – Ideal Client. Lex Fleming, founder of The Wedding Breakfast Club, blows our minds with why we need an Ideal Client, how we get to know our Ideal Client, and how they can stop the anxiety of potential complaints. 

Lex Fleming Photography –

Lex Fleming Photography Instagram –

Wedding Breakfast Club Website –

Wedding Breakfast Club on Instagram –

Podcast – Apocolex, available on Spotify and iTunes –

Podcast Episode 3: Finding your Niche with Katie from Malarkey Cakes

Katie Lake Volcof from Malarkey Cakes and Malarkey Cake School chats to Sammie and Bronya about building her business and the importance of finding a Niche in the market.

Katier Lake Volcof from Malarkey Cakes

Malarkey Cakes Website –
Malarkey Cakes on Instgram –
Malarkey Cakes on Facebook –

Malarkey Cake School Website –
Malarkey Cake School on Instagram –

Rise Up – The Cake Society – Facebook Group –

Squires Kitchen School –

Podcast – Extra Filling No.2. Carrying on through Covid-19

Sammie and Bronya’s 2nd chat after lock down – find out how we’re coping and how we’ve found another use for our cars.
Oh, and Bronya had to say goodbye because her ‘Drive Thru’ Sunday roast had arrived and it was time for dinner……what strange times!!

Podcast Episode 2: Cake Business Basics

Are you setting up a Cake Business? Want to know the basics of setting up? This episode explains the fundamental differences between being a Cake Business and a Hobby Baker, and what you need to do to be a pukka, bonafide business……you’ll be surprised it’s not as hard as you think!

Show Notes:

Food Standards Agency for advise on registering your business and getting all the paperwork you need.
British Sugarcraft Guild. Ideal insurance for businesses making under £7.5k
Direct Line Business Insurance – we’ve heard quite a few cake makers use this.

Podcast – Extra Filling No.1. Covid-19

Bronya and Sammie introduce Extra Filling into The Business of Cake Making Podcast, with a forthnightly chat. This week, how could it be anything else but Covid-19 and how it’s effected business.

Podcast Episode 1: The Intros

Bronya and Sammie, hosts of The Business of Cake Making, and owners of Daisy Cake Company, introduce themselves to the podcast world. Learn how they both got into cake making, and what they’re doing now.

Podcast - The Business of Cake Making

Hosted by Bronya and Sammie of Daisy Cake Company.

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