• Shop Bought, Homebaked or Bespoke Cakes. This is a Homebaked Cake Table.
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    Shop Bought, Homebaked and Bespoke Cakes

    Life is full of variety! When buying a cake you have to make choices, but what are the differences between Shop bought, Homebaked and Bespoke Cakes? Here’s my guide to why some cakes suit certain situations better. Shop Bought Let’s start with shop bought. I can tell you all the evils about shop bought cakes – factory made, preservatives, blah blah bah. But let’s be honest, there is nothing wrong with a shop bought cake for the right occasion. Not every occasion warrants a big, expensive, bespoke designed cake. For example, are you a parent going to the soft play area with what seems like a million other kids? Will…

  • Unusual Heart Shaped His and Hers Wedding Cake
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    Why Buy A Bespoke Cake?

    Why buy a bespoke cake? What even is a bespoke cake? And why should you consider one for your wedding? In the dictionary ‘Bespoke’ is described as something being specifically made for someone. Synonyms include custom-made and tailor-made. It’s the difference between buying a suit off the hanger from M&S, or having one made exactly to fit you from a tailor. Let’s face it you’re going to look and feel fantastic in the one from the tailor! When it comes to cake you can either buy a factory-made cake that’s ready decorated from a shop, or meet with an Artisan Cake Maker to design one, which is baked and decorated…

  • Wedding Cake Facts

    Why do we eat Wedding Cake?

    Your wedding day is full of so many significant moments, all enjoyed, shared, photographed and remembered. One of those moments is the cutting of your wedding cake. But why do we eat Cake?……it’s a tradition that goes back a while, right back to Roman Times in fact. Various different rituals of Brides and Grooms breaking and eating breads, pies and cakes to bring them good luck have been documented, From the when a Roman Groom would eat part of a loaf and break the rest over his brides head to bring good fortune and healthy children, to Medieval England where baked goods were piled high and if the Bride and Groom…