• Rocky Road
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    Scrummy Rocky Road

    Rocky Road…..Chocolate, Biscuits, Marshmallows, and ANY other sweets and candies that YOU want to add. There are no hard and fast rules about Rocky Road, as long as it has the basic chocolatey base, you really can throw any sweet treat you like at it and it won’t ruin it. I often make Rocky Road for Fairs and Markets, and they are always, without doubt, THE most popular thing on the table. I always make twice as much as anything else, I make them with both Dark and White chocolate, and they always, always sell. The question I get asked a lot is “what’s in them?”, and my standard answer…

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    Chocolate Lovers Fudge Topped Brownie

    It’s getting cold! Summer is very much over, but that’s no reason to be down, oh no……I have something easy and yummy to make you forget about the cold weather and shorter days. Warm and comforting baking is a great way to forget the outside and makes your kitchen smell amazingly scrummy in the process.   This bake is both a comforting Brownie, and decadent easy peasy fudge. Both can be made separately, but hey? Why do that when you can just put both together?  This bake does need a little time to set, so be prepared to wait before you can enjoy the full magic.   Fudge Topped Brownie…