• Cinnamon Apple Tea Cake
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    Cinnamon Apple Tea Cake

    New Year, New Comfort Food Is it just me or is January a little sad? The fun of Christmas is over and it’s a loooong time till the next holiday. But January is a time for preparing for a whole new year. So this post is all about the year ahead for The Daisy Cake Cookbook whilst enjoying some comforting Cinnamon Apple Tea Cake. Just before Christmas I tried my hand at some video blog posts, with Brownie Christmas Trees and a Festive Yule Log. They still need a bit of refining, but I loved the idea of being able to talk you through some of my best recipes. I…

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    A Very British Tea Cake

    Tea Cakes mean different things to different people, depending on where you come from. In Britain it’s even more confusing, because there are 2 different types; one with a shortbread base, topped with a marshmallow dome and covered in a thin layer of chocolate, which are more than an ickle bit scrummy. But they are quite tricky to make, and are best left to the amazing people at Tunnocks to do them justice (other Tea Cake manufacturers are available, but Tunnocks Teacakes are just awesome!). So, that leaves the Tea Cakes that are made from a yeast based dough, are best sliced in half, toasted and slathered with butter. Some…