• Cinnamon Apple Tea Cake
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    Cinnamon Apple Tea Cake

    New Year, New Comfort Food Is it just me or is January a little sad? The fun of Christmas is over and it’s a loooong time till the next holiday. But January is a time for preparing for a whole new year. So this post is all about the year ahead for The Daisy Cake Cookbook whilst enjoying some comforting Cinnamon Apple Tea Cake. Just before Christmas I tried my hand at some video blog posts, with Brownie Christmas Trees and a Festive Yule Log. They still need a bit of refining, but I loved the idea of being able to talk you through some of my best recipes. I…

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    150 Muesli Flapjacks

    This recipe is not actually for 150 Muesli Flapjack bars, but it is for some of the easiest flapjack bars ever. Everything is just 150 grams and its baked at 150c. If you remember the name, you’re pretty certain to remember the recipe. My husband has a breakfast problem. 4 years ago he never ate breakfast, now we have so many packets of porridge, muesli, granola, cereals and bars that our cupboard is literally bulging…..seriously, the door won’t actually close. The biggest issue is that our small, kitchen has built in units that the average cereal box won’t fit in, so we have to take all the bags out of…