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Sorry, but its time I mentioned the ‘C’ word

Christmas has arrived in our house. I’m not talking festive sparkly christmas, with the christmas tree and fairy lights twinkling, but the commercial side of Christmas. This week The Daisy Cake Company baked for, and attended, its first Christmas shopping events – two in one week!!!

Thursday afternoon was spent baking for the St Clement’s Primary School Shopping Evening, and Friday afternoon was spent baking for The Oaks Christmas Fair held at The Oaks Golf Club in Carshalton on Saturday.

They were both great events, and over 230 cupcakes and biscuits were sold over the two fairs. Apparently it was the first time a Christmas Fair was held at The Oaks Golf Club, and it was great, with a fantastic turn out. The organisers, Love Small Deco, should be proud of themselves!

To get into the festive spirit The Daisy Cake Company started the Christmas baking with a new flavour – Hint of Christmas Cupcakes. Made using a slightly denser than normal Daisy Cake vanilla cupcake recipe, in order to be sturdy enough to hold the Hint of Christmas without it sinking to the bottom, I added the Hint of Chrismas to the mix…. Mincemeat. Not beef or pork (as some customers thought – yes, they really did ask!) but mince pie mincemeat. Now I’m not a Mince Pie fan, in fact the very thought of candied peel in Mince Pies makes me feel quite queasy, but bung half a jar in a cake and bake it, and it makes the most awesome of festive spiced lovelyness!!

The new Hint of Christmas flavour is definitely a stayer in the Daisy Cake repertoire!! (I would also like to thank a customer for suggesting the name, as it is loads better than Christmas Mince Cake, as I was calling it!)

Other Festive fun included Vanilla Christmas Tree Cupcakes, Bauble Barney Biscuits and Candy Cane Strawberry Cupcakes (photos shown).

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