Rocky Road
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Scrummy Rocky Road

Rocky Road…..Chocolate, Biscuits, Marshmallows, and ANY other sweets and candies that YOU want to add. There are no hard and fast rules about Rocky Road, as long as it has the basic chocolatey base, you really can throw any sweet treat you like at it and it won’t ruin it.

Rocky Road made with White Chocolate

I often make Rocky Road for Fairs and Markets, and they are always, without doubt, THE most popular thing on the table. I always make twice as much as anything else, I make them with both Dark and White chocolate, and they always, always sell.

The question I get asked a lot is “what’s in them?”, and my standard answer “absolutely nothing that is good for you, and that’s why they’re so scrummy”. Sometimes Rocky Road has dried fruit or nuts, and whilst I’m not saying you shouldn’t include the more healthy ingredients, mine are, I’m (not) afraid, purely, sugar and spice and all things nice! These are a freestyle type snack. You start with a basic chocolate base, and then throw in all the goodies you personally like.

As long as you have enough of the chocolate base to cover all your sweeties, then it’s all good. Basic Rocky Road always includes marshmallows, and some kind of biscuits or cookies. However, even with these there are no hard and fast rules. Use whichever brand, flavour and type you like. Completely personalise it to suit your tastes. And when it comes to decorating…..just enjoy yourself. I usually throw a handful of sprinkles over the top as well as a pot of my favourite pick’n’mix, but if jelly sweets are your thing, or you fancy more marshmallows, or maybe even a slathering of buttercream – do it! Be creative!

Rocky Road made with Dark Chocolate

Rocky Road – No Bake

When I make these for sale, I get asked what’s in them….my answer is always – nothing good for you and that’s why they’re so delicious!

Course Snack
Cuisine English
Prep Time 15 minutes
Chilling 1 hour
Servings 8


  • 250 gms Chocolate – dark or milk, or both
  • 125 gms Butter/Baking Spread
  • 50 gms Golden Syrup (or corn syrup)
  • 250 gms Broken Biscuits – you choose your favourite
  • 50 gms Mini Marshmallow
  • 1 Bag Pick’n’Mix to decorate


  1. Line a 8″ x 8″ Baking Tin with grease-proof paper

  2. Break up the chocolate and place it in a bowl with the butter and golden syrup

  3. In 30 second bursts, melt on high power in the microwave. Checking and stirring every 30 seconds to ensure the chocolate isn’t burning

  4. Once all melted mix in the broken biscuits and then the marshmallows

  5. Pour into the baking tin and pat down to the edges

  6. Whilst the chocolate is still liquid scatter on your toppings – pick’n’Mix is my favourite, but you can use sprinkles, M&Ms, or any sweets and candy you like

  7. Put in the fridge for at least an hour to set

  8. Remove from the tin and slice up….seriously, its that easy!!

Rocky Road made with Dark Chocolate
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