Cake Decorating Tutorial – Monster Cake

This Cake Decorating Tutorial for a Monster Cake is the perfect anti-unicorn cake. It’s quick and easy for any homebaker to make and can be adapted to any size to suit the event.

Cake Decorating Tutorial - Monster Cake

One eye, 5 eyes, smiley face or scary teeth, pinks and purples or greens and yellows, whatever your party needs, the Monsta Cake can be tailored to fit perfectly.

I made 2 layers of 8” Light and Fluffy Sponge, using a 4 egg mix. The recipe can be found here.

I then made our Perfect Buttercream using 500gms butter and 1kg icing sugar. I removed a third of the mix from the bowl, to colour for the hair. To the remaining two thirds I mixed in 3 tablespoons of cocoa and 5 tablespoons of milk before adding Sugarflair Black Extra Colour. But your Monsta Cake doesn’t have to be black….he can be whatever colour you want him to be.

Watch the Cake Decorating Tutorial Below and have fun making your Monster Cake…..what colour will yours be?

Can also be found via YouTube here.

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