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After watching Series 2 of the Great British Bake Off and then watching Series 1 online, I had the link for the application for for series 3 emailed over to me by a good friend. The application form is really in depth. I would love to go onto the programme, and I’m not one for the limelight usually.
This is something I’d love to do….really, really, really love to do.

So I’m going to work hard to make myself look like GBBO series 3 material, fill in the application form and cross my fingers that I get an interview!

In the meantime, I baked bread rolls today, to go with tonights tea, but as they were from a mix they don’t count – and quite frankly I know I could have done better if I’d have weighed the ingredients myself, but I was being lazy….that’ll teach me!!!!!


  • Alison

    yey for filling in the form – I didn’t mail you the form, but I did badger you about it on twitter. What harm can there be in having a go. Did you see Holly’s blog for M and S about the show – its gives some insight into what goes on. You’ll need lots of practise though – what application form do I fill in to be on the taste team?

    • daisycakecompany

      Sorry, for the delay. Haven’t quite got round to working out how to do the Blog malarkey properly yet!!
      The application form is quite long and in depth!! I suppose it sorts out the bakers from the boys before they even start.

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