February 29th – Funfetti Cupcakes with Red Petticoats

Is it just me that’s thinks that today you can get up to all sorts of stuff, because it doesn’t really count?

Today, February 29th isn’t a real day, is it?

It’s an extra day!

One that we don’t normally get!

A day where your employer gets a whole day extra from you without paying overtime, but that you can cram with a whole days worth of extra stuff, just because it’s there…….am I sounding a bit odd?

I’ve always thought that about February 29th. That spare day once every 4 years, where you can do a bit more, because you have the extra time you always crave.

For some women, its time to get down on one knee. I wonder how many women will be proposing today? Apparently it’s preferable that if you are a woman, going with tradition and proposing on this spare day, that you wear a red petticoat…….apparently…..well Google said so, so it must be true!!

I have decided to spend my spare time baking… change there then, it just means I get an extra bake in!! I will NOT be wearing a red petticoat to do so, because it’ll look rubbish with my jeans, but I will be baking with something red……….

Now I know its a bit of a tenuous link, but as it’s a wedding proposal day, I decided to go for Red Funfetti Cupcakes, as Funfetti sounds a bit like confetti, which gets thrown at weddings……..

I know!!……..I did say it was tenuous!!….

And they will be wearing red petticoat cupcake cases.

Funfetti Cupcakes with Red Petticoats

Choose a good thick cake mix. I used a Victoria Sponge mix – a 3 egg Victoria Sponge mix, should make 12 cupcakes.

When your batter is fully mixed, and ready to be divided into the cupcake cases, throw in a big handful of sprinkles, and mix in by hand. The mix has to be thick, or else the sprinkles will just sink to the bottom when the cakes bake. A thick mix will mean the sprinkles remain throughout the cake, adding colour and a bit of sweet crunch in every bite.

When you come to frost your cakes, also throw a handful of sprinkles into the mix, and cover you cakes with them too. This will make sure every bite, is filled with sprinkly goodness!!!

For reasons known only to my red sprinkles, when they baked they turned purple, which looked very pretty, but they just weren’t red. I’m sure there is some scientific reason for this, but just be warned, if you want lots of lovely red sprinkles through your cake, you might be disapppointed – I was, and therefore totally forgot to photograph the inside of my cakes. Sorry, they’ve all been eaten now, but I hope you can imagine how good they looked and tasted from the pictures I did take.

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