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Easy Peasy Choccie Fudge

Sweets and Confectionary are notoriously hard to make. Recipes usually involve a confectionary thermometre, use phrases such as Hard Ball, Soft Ball and Hard Crack, and end up with molten sugar, capable of melting concrete! As someone who bakes regularly and is comfortable with a long recipe, they even scare the bejeezus out of me…..although I still give them a go, and have several burn scars to prove it!

So, when I discovered this easy peasy recipe I couldn’t help but share it with you all!

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There are several versions around the internet, including one on Carnations website – but this is my version.

Chocolate Fudge doesn’t get any easier than this!!!!!

No Thermometer Chocolate Fudge

250g Good Quality Milk Chocolate

200g Good Quality Dark Chocolate

397gms (1 can) Condensed Milk

2tspn Vanilla Essence

Break the chocolate and place in a heavy bottom saucepan

Pour the condensed milk over the top

On a low heat, melt the Condensed Milk and Chocolate together, stirring occasionally.

When its all melted, remove from heat and stir through the vanilla essence.

Pour into an aluminium foil lined cake tin and leave to cool. Once at room temperature it can be placed into the fridge to set fully.

THAT’S IT!!!! Seriously, that is it!!

You can add your own touch to it, for example stir through some nuts or raisins, or scatter the top with marshmallows. But as I was planning to sell mine I went a bit more fancy and dipped in tempered chocolate and topped with a festive Chocolate Transfer. When the chocolate had set and the transfers removed they were all bagged up and finished with a pink bow!!!


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