Creme Egg Chicks

I always have a problem with chocolate Easter gifts. They usually contain more packaging and air than actual gift. So I have decided to make my easter gifts this year. They still contain a chocolate egg, but I have added value to the egg, rather than giving a gift of primarily cardboard and plastic.

You will need:

A Cadbury’s Creme Egg (or similar)
A ball of marzipan, yellow sugar paste or white ready to roll icing coloured yellow. I’ve used yellow sugar paste.
Some chocolate sprinkles
An orange jelly diamond (usually found in the baking department of the Supermarket)
A small bowl of water and a cotton bud or small paint brush.
A 3 or 4 inch scalloped round cutter

1. Roll a half inch ball of sugar paste into a sausage. Curve round into a crescent and use the tip of a sharp knife to cut 2 slits in each end.

2. Using a tiny bit of water either on the end of your cotton bud, or with a paint brush, dab the top of the sugar paste and stick on your unwrapped Creme Egg.

3. Take a 2 inch ball of sugar paste and roll to about half a centimetre thick. Cut out a scalloped edge disc.

4. Place the centre of the disc on top on the Creme Egg and smooth down the front.

5. Pinch a small section together at the back to form the tail, and pinch the sides together and fold back to make the wings

7. Take another 1 inch ball of sugar paste and press the jelly diamond in. This may deform the ball slightly, so carefully roll the sugar paste back into a ball shape with the diamond sticking out one side. Now you should have a head with a beak.

8. Dab another small drop of water onto the top of the egg/chicks body and carefully stick the head on. You may have to hold it here for a couple of seconds, while it sets in place

9. Finally choose 2 similar size chocolate sprinkles. Dab tiny dots of water either side of the head and stick the sprinkles on as eyes.

10. Leave to set for a couple of hours before devouring.

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