We thought we would write a few notes and some guidance in light of the Covid-19 situation.

Please rest assured we want to make your cake!!

If you still want your cake at this time we will be baking it as previously arranged. However, if you are collecting from one of our Cake Studios we will ask you to remain outside in order for us to keep our kitchens free from infection. We will bring the cake to you outside. Wherever possible please arrange to pay by bank transfer in advance so we can limit the possibility of transfer of infection via cash. If you have had any symptons please tell us in advance or even better, please send someone else.

If we deliver we will place you cake on the doorstep and stand well back until you have taken delivery.

Event Cancellation or Postponement


If you have had to make the difficulat decision to postpone your event, wherever possible we will postpone with you. At the moment we cannot foresee any problems with moving dates, but as more people start to move dates, some may become unavailable.

However, as there are 2 of us we are in position to be able to cover most dates.

Please contact us directly if you are looking to cancel your cake completely, as our terms and conditions may change depending on the advise from the government (which is changing constantly so we are unable to place a definite statement here about it).

What we ask is you keep in touch with us. All of our communication channels are open – email us, facebook message, instagram direct message, telephone, whatever your preference please contact us. Our contact details can be found here for Sammie, and here for Bronya.

Final Balance Payments

If you are continuing with your event as planned we ask you to forward you final balance to us via bank transfer as you would normally do per our T&Cs. Please contact Sammie or Bronya directly for their bank details.

If you are postponing your event, we will of course understand that you may not want to pay your final balance. However, please do not be alarmed if you receive an invoice from one of us. This is not a demand, but we have automated systems that can’t always be undone. In addition to this, we have discussed it and agree that if we cancel the invoices we will get in a terrible pickle with our paperwork. Please do not see this as us being unsympathetic, it is just a practical problem for us.

If you postpone your cake, you final balance will be due in line with our terms and condtions with your new date.

If you receive an invoice please do not feel obliged to pay! It really is just an automated situation. Again, we ask you to keep in touch. Our contact details can be found here for Sammie, and here for Bronya.

What are we doing to stay safe?

We are ensuring we are doing everything possible, in line with government and health guidelines to stay infection free. However, if one of us does show symptoms we will immediately cease production. As there are 2 of us we will pass all production responsibilities to our colleague who will fulfil your order.



Our contact details can be found here for Sammie, and here for Bronya.

Stay safe, and wash your hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!