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Cookie Dough…..why bother baking it?

What is THE hardest thing for you about baking sweet things? I personally think it’s actually getting the mixture to the oven……..and I mean without dipping my fingers, spoon or face in the mix and eating it all before doing anything productive with it!


Every child asks to ‘lick the bowl’, and quite frankly, I believe, every adult would if it didn’t make you sound 3 years old!

I predict over 95% of people who bake dip their finger to ‘test’ the mix. TEST???? Yeah… mean enjoy the gooey naughtyness that is raw cake or cookie mix!

‘Technically’ cake mix is baaaaad – it contains raw eggs – ’nuff said.

But cookie dough, ‘eggless’ cookie dough, is GOOOOOOOD!!

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Baking cookies is always my biggest baking challenge. Cookie dough is thick, sweet, slightly crunchy, and comforting. And although baking cookies makes your home smell delicious and leaves you with a pile of warm, crunchy treats, I’ve been thinking of way to skip the actual baking part and enjoying cookie dough in its ‘unbaked’ form.

Below is a tried and tested egg free cookie dough recipe, and here are a few of MY ideas of what you can do with it. But believe me, once you start thinking of things to do with Cookie Dough, you won’t stop……… 

1. On its own as a dessert. Put a scoop in a bowl and eat with a spoon. You can add whatever you want to garnish: chocolate chips, marshmallows, toasted nuts, popcorn, smarties or M&M’s, chocolate sauce…seriously the list is endless!

2. Make Cookie dough discs and use as a Garnish in itself. Roll your cookie dough into a sausage, about 2cm in diametre, and slice at 1cm intervals into discs. (The discs can vary in size depending on what you are using them for) These can be put on top of cakes or desserts in the same way you would use sprinkles, toppers or fruits. Great on cheesecakes, sweet pies or tarts.

3. Icecream. Brand sold ‘Cookie Dough’ ice-cream costs a small fortune per teeny tiny tub. Buy some basic vanilla ice-cream. Mix some small cookie dough discs – made as above –  (and maybe some chocolate chips) through your ice-cream, and cover with chocolate syrup.

4. Truffles. Roll the cookie dough into 2cm balls and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes or so. Melt some chocolate to dip each dough ball in. Once dipped leave to set.

5. Add to cupcakes. Either add some cookie dough discs to your cake mix before you bake. OR once they’re baked, while your cakes are still warm, scoop out a small well, pop in a blob of cookie dough, and put the scooped bit of cake back on top.

6. Add to Cake Frosting. Mix a basic buttercream and mix some cookie dough through. OR use as a frosting all by itself!

7. Cake Ice Pops. Roll your dough into 3cm balls. Pop in a lolly stick and freeze. Remove from the freezer at least ten minutes before you want to eat them, or you’ll break your teeth!

I could go on…..but would love to hear your ideas instead!!

Eggless Cookie Dough

80gms Unsalted Butter at room temperature

85gms Light Brown Sugar

100gms Sifted Plain Flour

2 tbsp Golden Syrup

1tbspn Milk

50gms Chocolate Chips (optional)

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.

Add the Golden Syrup and milk, and mix through.

Mix the sifted flour until you have a thick dough.

Add the chocolate chips if you’re using them and mix until evenly distributed.


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