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Chocolate Cream Cheese Butter Bars

This is what you get when 2 worlds collide!

Last year, the people of England (well women mainly) were up in arms when their beloved and quintessentially English chocolate brand Cadburys was sold the the US giant Kraft. Terror hit the country as the worry that a bar of Dairy Milk would somehow change in taste and texture, that a Wispa would would no longer be tiny bubbles joined by light milk chocolate, but would somehow be tranformed into a dark Hershey type chocolate.

Seriously, the British female population was gripped by fear……

……but of course there was nothing to worry about. Dairy Milk still tastes like Dairy Milk, a Wispa is still totally scrummy, a Caramel Bar still hits the spot, and Fruit and Nut is still as fruity and nutty as it always was.

What we’ve been given instead is a Kraft mix made in heaven! It sounds so wrong, but tastes sooooooo right. What am I talking about?

Cadbury Philidelphia

Lets just let those words hang there for a second or two……….


Have you tasted it yet?


What are you waiting for?

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Seriously, get to the supermarket and buy a pack. Try it smeared on toast. Marvel at how 2 things that should never go together, can somehow taste so amazing!

My immediate thoughts, when I saw Cadbury’s Phili, was ‘what can I bake with it?’ and ‘would it make a good cream cheese frosting’, so combining the 2 ideas, I give you:

Chocolate Cream Cheese Butter Bars

Of course you can use plain cream cheese, but I ask this in all seriousness – why would you?

The Butter Bar:
125gms Butter at room temperature
80gms Caster Sugar
200gms Plain Flour

The Topping/Frosting:
Approx 20 Hershey Kisses (I used Cookies and Cream)
100gms Cadbury’s Philidelphia – Update: As this is an old post and Chocolate Phili has been discontinued. Normal Cream Cheese can be used.
100gms Butter at room temperature
1 egg
200gms Icing Sugar

Preheat your oven to 180c, 160c fan, gas mark 4

This recipe makes enough to fill a 6 – 8″ square tray

First make the Butter Bar:
Cream the butter and sugar together.
Mix in the flour until you get a thick dough consistency.
Line the tray with the dough and pat down flat.

Next place Hershey Kisses at 1 inch interval across the top of the dough. If you don’t have Hershey Kisses, scattered chocolate chips will work.

Now for the frosting:
Mix the butter and Chocolate Cream Cheese together until you get a smooth consistency.
Mix in the egg
Add the icing sugar and whisk until everything is smooth and combined.
Pour over the Hershey Kisses and smooth out. Some of the tops of the kisses may poke out, but don’t worry, at least you know where the big chunks of chocolate are!

Bake in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes, or until the top has a crunchy crust. My tray was a little shallow so I placed a baking tray on the shelf beneath, as the cream cheese did overflow a little bit.

When baked, remove from the oven and allow to cool for at least 15 minutes. Of course it should be left to totally cool before eating…….but if your will power is anything like mine, you’ll try it when its still warm and oozy!

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