• How Much do Cake Makers Earn?
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    How Much do Cake Makers Earn?

    So you’ve decided you want to be a cake maker, but how much do cake makers earn? And will you be able to ‘give up the day job’ and do this for a living? The answer is YES, you can do it for a living, but you must learn to price you cakes right and value your time. Now pricing, it isn’t glamourous or interesting. And to a creative that wants to make cakes it is often difficult and frustrating. But to make a living you need to do this! You need to go through a process of costing everything out or you will end up either working for free,…

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    Why you should ignore the competition

    We’ve all had it, a new local baker posts on Facebook. They’re selling a 7 tier, all singing, all dancing wedding cake for £30. How can you compete? Well, you can’t and here’s why you shouldn’t AND why you shouldn’t let it bother you. In this post I’m going to tell you why you should ignore the competition! You’ve been in business a little while. You’ve just started getting some steady business, some returning customers and then you see it…..the Facebook post from a new baker on the block. There they are selling everything and more for knock down prices that you can’t possibly compete with. It knocks you for…

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    Ideal Client for Cake Makers

    Cake Makers, when asked who your Ideal Client is, do you answer, ‘anyone that wants a cake’? Do you make any cake and every cake that comes your way, but are not really enjoying making most of them? That is because not everyone who wants a cake is your Ideal Client. That’s because as a cake maker you need to hone down on the cakes you enjoy the most, and target the ideal clients that order those cakes. Here is our guide to Ideal Client for Cake Makers, based on The Business of Cake Making Podcast, Season 1, Episode 4 with Lex Fleming. To listen to the full podcast click…

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    5 things you need to start a Cake Business

    What is the difference between a ‘hobby baker’ and a business? Well here in the UK as soon as you start accepting money for cakes, even if it’s just a few pennies to cover ingredients, you are running a business. There are things both legal and advised that you need to do. Here are my 5 things you need to start a Cake Business Register with your Local Council Do your Food Hygiene training Get Insurance Decide on your Ideal Client and Niche Market Get you Marketing in place Please note this list is not exhaustive, please do your research around matters of tax and employment law before you start…