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    National Cupcake Week

    Did you know this week is National Cupcake Week? Have you rolled up your sleeves and baked anything, or are you more a cupcake purchaser? Whatever your preference, this is the week to indulge in little sponge cake parcels. Cupcakes are great. They are your own personal cake that you don’t have to share, because there is only ever enough for one. They’re easy to make and great to make with your children. In fact they’re great to make with your Mum too, and I think the best times I have in the kitchen has been when me and Mum are baking together. The cupcakes on this post were made…

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    Lemon Cupcakes

    I love cupcakes!! They are my favourite type of cake to make. Everything about them makes me happy: choosing flavours, designing new recipes, choosing the cases, deciding on the frosting, decorating them, and above all eating them. Cupcakes allow you to have your own little cake, that you don’t have to share, and that’s been baked and decorated just for you!! This week I had an order of Baby Shower Cupcakes to make. Vanilla sponge with yellow and white frosting, sprinkled with edible glitter and topped with handmade babies dummy. As the theme was yellow and white, and I knew I would have some spare frosting (well you just know…

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    Luuuuuuv Biscuits

    V-Day is only a matter of weeks away…..what will you be giving this year? I’ve been with the hubster for nearly 27 years (we’re not old, we met at school) so Valentines Day doesn’t really have the same joy for us as it used to when I was 15 and he was 18. Back then he gave me a card that he’d written so many kisses in, the pen ran out half way through – it was a big card!! Nowadays we’re a bit more anti-Valentines. We refuse to go out on the day, because Valentines set menus are just a rip-off, and either or both of us have to…

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    Happy Christmas

    Just a quick post as I’m sure you’re all far too busy enjoying your festive day to be reading blog posts. I hope you’re all having a fab Christmas Day, and the Father Christmas has been kind to you!!!   We’ve eaten, drunk and are now preparing for Homebaked Chocolate Wrapped Chocolate Cake for pudding. Merry Christmas xxxxxxx

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    Weekly Round-up with a Cookie Cake Bar

    This week has been mad…MAD I tell you!! There has been Baby Shower Cupcakes, a new order from the local farm shop (The Oak Tree Farm), a wedding booking for February 2012, a last minute birthday Giant Cupcake, Cookies for our best friends the Smiths and Festive Flavour Cookie Cake Bars – just because! YEP, I’ve been a very very busy bee!! In fact I’m now considering postponing Christmas until after Christmas, because I’m not sure I’ve got time to fit it in. This week coming is equally hectic, with cupcake orders, cookie orders, Christmas gifts and Christmas lunch and food to prepare……..but at least I’m not bored eh?!! This…

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    Cakes for Heroes

    I am very proud to have iced a cake for the soldiers recovering at Headley Court. Headley is just 5 minutes away from where I live. Headley Village is very pretty, there is a beautiful Heath which is a favourite place for us to walk the doggies, and Mr S and I go to Headley Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, so its an area close to our hearts. Added to all the above, it is home to Headley Court, where seriously injured soldiers go to recover and learn to re-build their lives. So when the local British Sugarcraft Guild announced they were going to supply Christmas Cakes to the soldiers at…

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    Sorry, but its time I mentioned the ‘C’ word

    Christmas has arrived in our house. I’m not talking festive sparkly christmas, with the christmas tree and fairy lights twinkling, but the commercial side of Christmas. This week The Daisy Cake Company baked for, and attended, its first Christmas shopping events – two in one week!!! Thursday afternoon was spent baking for the St Clement’s Primary School Shopping Evening, and Friday afternoon was spent baking for The Oaks Christmas Fair held at The Oaks Golf Club in Carshalton on Saturday. They were both great events, and over 230 cupcakes and biscuits were sold over the two fairs. Apparently it was the first time a Christmas Fair was held at The…

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    After watching Series 2 of the Great British Bake Off and then watching Series 1 online, I had the link for the application for for series 3 emailed over to me by a good friend. The application form is really in depth. I would love to go onto the programme, and I’m not one for the limelight usually.This is something I’d love to do….really, really, really love to do. So I’m going to work hard to make myself look like GBBO series 3 material, fill in the application form and cross my fingers that I get an interview! In the meantime, I baked bread rolls today, to go with tonights…