• Cake's Essential Ingredients: Flour
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    Cake’s Essential Ingredients

    Cakes have 5 main Essential Ingredients* – Flour, Eggs, Sugar, a raising agent and some kind of fat, such as butter. As a general rule, Flour and Eggs are there for structure, Sugar for sweetness, raising agent for air and Butter for flavour. To give you more of an insight into why we include each ingredient, and how they can change how your cakes, here’s a quick basic guide to Cakes Essential Ingredients. Click here for our Classic, Light Fluffy Sponge Recipe *usually, not always. Sometimes cakes can be vegan or gluten free, so can go without one of the ingredients. This article is a generalisation for basic baking techniques…

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    Why Cover Your Cake Board

    Do you cover your Cake Board? When you look at someone else’s cake and marvel at how professional and perfect it looks, how many times do you see it sat on a silver, uncovered board? Not often, I bet! Covering a cake board is quick, easy and an essential finishing touch to make your cake look professional. No matter whether your cake will be naked, buttercream, ganache or fondant finished, a covered cake board will not only give your cake that finishing flourish, but it can also add to the design and overall look of your creation. But, WHY? Basically it’s all about completing your design. A good design should…