Cake Business Mentoring with Bronya

Cake Business Mentoring with Bronya

Are you struggling to sell the cakes you love, or get paid enough for your work? It can be really hard working at home, alone, without anyone to chat things through with. Sure you may have a partner or family you can talk to, but they never really ‘get it’ do they? What you need a a cake business mentor.

How about chatting to me? With over 10 years experience of making cakes and bakes professionally, and running a baking business I know the struggle is real. I’m now offering Cake Business Mentoring sessions to help you become a better baker and business owner.

In the last 12 years I have run a home business, a shop, a bakery, Tea Rooms and market stalls. I have literally baked and decorated thousands of cakes. I have written hundreds of recipes, and am currently writing a Cookbook. I have a Diploma in Marketing and have learnt and adapted as my business has changed. I have taken courses, done workshops on all things both baking and business.

I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I’ve learnt so so much over the last 12 years, and I am wanting to help the next generation of bakers.

All my Mentoring Packages are personal 1 to 1 packages. I am here as your cake business mentor, to work through the specific issues you have in your business.

Before starting work together I will send a questionnaire for you to fill. Tis is your opportunity to tell me all about your business. It’s not a long questionnaire, but it covers everything from what you’re selling, what you want to sell, where you’re marketing and the struggles you are having. We’ll then have a chat and work out a plan of action for you to move forward with. I’ll follow up all calls with an email and notes, and further emails to se how you’re getting on.

Here are a few things I can help you with:
Identifying your Ideal Client
Working out your strengths and nailing down your Niche
Planning, workflow and setting boundaries for a better work/life balance
Help on pricing and paying yourself
Marketing and Social Media Strategy
Baking tips and practical advise
Specific problems like breaking into a certain market, delivering and setting up wedding cakes, selling at fairs and markets, preparing to upscale your capacity, etc etc

Working 1 to 1 with me as a Cake Business Mentor is for you if:

You’ve just started your business and want to get it off to a flying start.
You’ve been in business a while and are bored with the cakes you’re making and the enquiries you’re getting.
You’re working too long hours for not enough money.
Want enquiries for cakes you love to make
Need a style to call you’re own
Want to be seen as the expert in what you do.

Working 1 to 1 with me as a Cake Business Mentor is NOT for you if:

You’re earning enough money and are only making the cakes you love.
You are happy copying other peoples designs.
You have good boundaries in your business, never work long hours and know how to turn clients down if you need to.
Happy to be known as the generic ‘Cake Lady’.

Cake Business Mentoring Packages

Bite Sized – 1 Hour Power Call

Is there 1 thing in your cake business you need to tackle – it could be anything from kitchen set-up, to marketing, to pricing, to deliveries? Well, this could be just what you need. By investing in a Bite Sized Hour I can give an experienced outsiders look at how you are tackling that one sticky subject and together we will come up with a plan to make it work better for you.

Cost – £50
What you get:
A 1 Hour Zoom Call followed up with an email
An Accountability email 2 weeks later to see how you’re getting on

The Layer Cake – 2 Month Mentoring Support

A longer term commitment so we can really get our teeth into that sticky problem. By working over a couple of months we can start that plan of action and work through together how it’s going, and change things up of needed to get you moving confidently ahead. Working together ever week, with emails on the weeks we don’t chat will give you an intensive boost to your business knowledge.

Cost – £250
Payable as 1 payment of £250
(or 2 monthly payments of £125)
What you get:
4 x 1 hour fortnightly Zoom Calls followed with a summary email.
4 x Accountability emails on the weeks between calls
Email support whenever you need it for 2 months

The 3 Tier – 3 Month Mentoring Support

Do you feel like you need a good 3 month’s to get yourself sorted? No problem at all. This slightly longer, but just as intensive package will take you an extra month through the plan of action.

Cost – £350
Payable as 1 payment £350
( or 2 monthly payments of £175.00, or 3 monthly payments of £116.70)
What you get:
6 x 1 hour fortnightly Zoom Calls followed with a summary email.
6 x Accountability emails on the weeks between calls
Email support whenever you need it for 3 months

6 Tier Extravaganza – 12 Months of mentoring support

Have me in your pocket for a whole year. We’ll start with 6 month’s of 1 to 1 mentoring calls. Working through all the issues and making and executing plans and strategies to follow. The 2nd six months I’ll be there at the end of an email whenever you need me.

Cost – £800
Payable as 1 payment of £800
(or 6 monthly payments of £133.35, or 12 monthly payments of £66.70)
What you get:
6 x 1 hour Monthly Zoom Calls followed with a summary email
6 x monthly accountability emails between zoom calls and email support whenever you need it
Further 6 months of email support whenever you need it.

For free advise and information check The Business of Cake Making Podcast with Bronya and Sammie. Or follow our Cake Business Blog.