Are you finding it hard setting goals for your Cake Business?

Are you finding it hard seeing how your cake business is going to shape up? Maybe you know you need to be setting some cake business goals, but you find it a bit too daunting? You dreams all seem so big, the end result too far away, and what if you fail?

So, it’s the start of a New Year, and all around you Small Business owners are talking about the Goals they are setting. But you’re finding it a little difficult to get your head around knowing where to even start. Here are our simple steps to breaking down Goal Setting for your Cake Business.

Brain Dump your Cake Business Dreams

Start by getting a piece of paper and writing down everything you’d like to achieve in your business. Now and in the future. All your dreams big and small?

At this point nothing is out of bounds. Write everything down!

Do you want to be known for your epic sculpted cakes? Do you want to write a cookbook? Do you want to be making 20 cakes a week? Do you want to be doing regular market stalls?

Put all the ideas down…..

Sort them by Short, Mid and Long Term Goals

Separate them out between things you can do in 4 months, this time next year, and 5 years time.

If you love using colour pens now’s the time to get the highlighters out. Use a different colour for Short, Mid and Long Term Goals. Or maybe just write Short, Mid and Long next to them – I’m guessing, if you’re like me, you’ll have the coloured pens out already!

This will give you the start of a plan. Rather than planning on reaching the big dreams in 2 months time, you can realistically see how things are going to pan out.

Prioritise and Start to Plan

Now we start getting down to the nitty gritty. From each of your short, mid and long term lists choose just one of each you want to concentrate on. Don’t over stretch yourself.

Now we need to start planning, because as the Instagram Inspirational Quote tells us “A Goal Without a Plan is just a Dream”.

Cake Business Goals

We need to start breaking down each of your cake business goals into smaller, easier to deal with, bite sized chunks. For example, you may have a mid term goal of aiming to be making 20 cakes a week by this time next year. However, you currently make 3….that’s a BIG leap!

So, how do you get from 3 to 20? You could start by making smaller, monthly goals, for example next month the target is 5 cakes a week, month 2 its 7 cakes a week, month 3 it’s 8 cakes a week. Can you see how breaking it down into smaller chunks makes it a lot less scary?

Also, you need to understand and plan HOW. For this example, how exactly are you going to increase your sales. What do you need to do to make this happen?

Will you start posting on social media more regularly, do you need to put a schedule in place? Will you do some flyering door to door? Will you look at PR in your local press? Explore all the ideas, choose the ones you want to try and plan it out.

Put Your Business Goals and Plans down on Paper

Sometimes we make plans and have goals in our heads. But actually putting it down on paper seems a bit too scary – it’s like they suddenly become real. Well that is exactly what needs to happen! They need to be real in order for you to believe and follow them.

First, write your big goals at the start of your diary, or on your wall planner, or stick it on a post it note on your wall – somewhere you look regularly and can see them every day.

Next, the plan and broken down goals – diarise them!

Going back to the example of increasing sales from 3 to 20 cakes a week. Actually write, at the beginning of every month in your diary, what your sales goal is for that month. Have it there in front of you.

You might even want to have a chart on your wall. Many of us who run cake businesses are visual people, so seeing a graph or chart in pretty colours is something we will relate to.

However you do it – put it down on paper! Make it real!

Hold yourself Accountable to your Business Goals

At every stage go back and check up on yourself. This really is a crucial part of the process. If you skip this stage, you’ll never know how well you’re actually doing/

Sometimes you’ll meet your cake business goals, maybe even smash them. If that’s the case, what did you do that worked? Can you repeat that process? Can you repeat it but make it better?

Maybe you missed hitting your targets, that’s ok. What can you change? Is there anything you can do differently? Do you need to re-adjust your plans going forward?

Reviewing you Cake Busness Goals

Holding yourself to account and checking on how you’re doing is the only way to see if you’re meeting your targets. It doesn’t have to be a long, in depth process, just a quick 15 minutes of reflection. But it will give you the insights into how to move forward.

Not hitting you Cake Business Goals in Not a Failure!

As I said at the beginning, maybe you never usually set goals because you’re worried about failure. Honestly, I completely understand that!

But life and business is just a series of trying things out – trial and error. If we think about it from the point of view of a football player, aiming for a goal, sometimes they hit the net, other time they skim the cross bar. But do they give up? No they re-adjust the angle and try again. And that’s how you need to look at it.

A footballer has a goalie in the way – in terms of my cake business, I like to think of that goalie as life, everyday life and the things it throws at you.

You won’t always meet your targets, you won’t always get to where you planned to be on the day you hoped, but you would have moved forward in a structured and planned way, rather than the haphazard direction you were heading before you put your cake business goals in place.


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