Bronya at Daisy Cake Company – Epsom

Bronya at DCC

Meet Bronya, based next door to the Epsom Downs Racecourse and baking for our Surrey and London Clients.

I never originally set out to be an Artisan Cake Maker. For 25 years I followed a creative career in Design and Marketing in the Dance industry in London. When I was young I would bake with my Mum and Nan. I always had a passion for baking and creating delicious bakes.

One day I made some cupcakes for my nieces birthday that had an amazing response from friends on Facebook. And that was it, the seed was sown for a new venture and the Daisy Cake Company was born. 

That was 10 years ago and since then I have owned my own bakery and tea-room, made thousands of celebration cakes and wedding cakes, run an Afternoon Tea catering business, run stalls at fairs and markets, had hundreds of recipes published, presented on the Food Stage at Carfest, run countless baking and decorating classes, and run a large stately home Tea House. I’ve baked and decorated more cakes than I can even start to count.

And after all that I now believe that cake should be thought about a little bit differently. A cake shouldn’t be just a round Victoria sponge with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on top. Cakes can be so much more!!

So, I’ve set about to rediscover and introduce the world to the wonder and possibilities of what a cake can be.  A cake should be a centre piece. A Cake should reflect the celebration. A cake should above all taste damn good! It should have colour, texture, personality – it is a world of possibilities.

To discuss a cake with Bronya, to be delivered from Epsom to London or Surrey, email to discuss a cake.

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