• Unusual Heart Shaped His and Hers Wedding Cake
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    Why Buy A Bespoke Cake?

    Why buy a bespoke cake? What even is a bespoke cake? And why should you consider one for your wedding? In the dictionary ‘Bespoke’ is described as something being specifically made for someone. Synonyms include custom-made and tailor-made. It’s the difference between buying a suit off the hanger from M&S, or having one made exactly to fit you from a…

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    Monsta Cake

    The Monsta Cake is the perfect anti-unicorn cake. It’s quick and easy for any homebaker to make and can be adapted to any size to suit the event. One eye, 5 eyes, smiley face or scary teeth, pinks and purples or greens and yellows, whatever your party needs, the Monsta Cake can be tailored to fit perfectly. I made 2…

  • Cake's Essential Ingredients: Flour
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    Cake’s Essential Ingredients

    Cakes have 5 main Essential Ingredients* – Flour, Eggs, Sugar, a raising agent and some kind of fat, such as butter. As a general rule, Flour and Eggs are there for structure, Sugar for sweetness, raising agent for air and Butter for flavour. To give you more of an insight into why we include each ingredient, and how they can…

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    Light and Fluffy Sponge Cake

    Do your sponge cakes always come out as light and fluffy as you’d like? You may have heard that baking is a science, well here is the most basic recipe which proves it is. Baking isn’t just luck, it’s a science, tried and tested through generations. Baking is a combination of the right ingredients and the right techniques…and this combination…

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    Why Cover Your Cake Board

    Do you cover your Cake Board? When you look at someone else’s cake and marvel at how professional and perfect it looks, how many times do you see it sat on a silver, uncovered board? Not often, I bet! Covering a cake board is quick, easy and an essential finishing touch to make your cake look professional. No matter whether…

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    Perfect Buttercream

    The Essential Guide to Perfect Buttercream Frosting Do you whizz up some butter and icing sugar for frosting, but it’s just not right? Do you see photos of cupcakes on Instagram with sugar filled clouds on top and wish your Buttercream was as light and airy? Well, here is my Video and Blog Tutorial for Buttercream 101.  Buttercream, the easiest…

  • Cinnamon Apple Tea Cake
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    Cinnamon Apple Tea Cake

    New Year, New Comfort Food Is it just me or is January a little sad? The fun of Christmas is over and it’s a loooong time till the next holiday. But January is a time for preparing for a whole new year. So this post is all about the year ahead for The Daisy Cake Cookbook whilst enjoying some comforting…

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    Cake Chocolate

        Now I know you may think the title of this post is a typo….Cake Chocolate? Surely that should say Chocolate Cake…..well, actually NO!!! This is one of the easiest recipes ever!! FACT!! What makes this recipe so easy is using an ingredient which has already been mixed. I promise I haven’t lost my mind, but this recipe includes…