4 Ways to Niche your Baking Business

Niche by Flavour Combination

A Niche Market – you hear us talking about it all the time on The Business of Cake Making Podcast, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are 4 Ways you can start thinking about to Niche your Baking Business.

1. Niche by what do you Bake?

One way to Niche could be thinking about what you are baking. Do you have specific knowledge in Free From recipes? Are are you madly into flavours? Use this strength and skill to form you niche.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Dairy Free or Vegan
  2. Gluten Free
  3. Egg Free
  4. Flavour Combinations
  5. Classic British (or Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Caribbean, African, American etc etc) Bakes and Flavours
  6. Boozy Flavours or Cocktail Flavours
  7. Chocolate Based
  8. Flavours inspired by the flavours of childhood sweets
  9. All Natural – no artificial colours or flavours
  10. Always with Sprinkles
Niche by Flavour Combination

2. What Type of Bake or Event do you love the most?

Are you loving making cakes for one type of event, or making a certain types of bake. Are Wedding Cakes becoming your most favourite thing? Or do you simply love making Cake Pops? By choosing one type you can start to shape your Niche.

Our examples:

  1. Celebration Cakes for Birthdays
  2. Wedding Cakes
  3. Traybakes
  4. Treat Boxes
  5. Cookies
  6. Decorated Biscuits
  7. Cupcakes
  8. Cake Pops
  9. Classic old fashioned cakes from peoples childhoods
  10. Macarons
Vegan Cupcake Niche

3. Style of Cakes?

This Niche is all about cakes. If you have decided celebration or event cakes are going to be your thing, why not think about nicheing even further. What style of cake do you love the most? Do you love cakes with loads of tiers, or is Fondant your absolute go to? Maybe you despise fondant, but think buttercream is where it’s at?

Niche you style examples:

  1. Tiered
  2. Fondant
  3. Buttercream, or even meringue buttercream
  4. Drip Cakes
  5. Sculpted Cakes
  6. Big Cakes
  7. Small cakes for 1 or 2 people
  8. Fault Line Cakes
  9. Gravity Defying Cakes
  10. Dessert Tables
Drip Cake Niche

4. What Service do you offer in you Baking Business?

Are you the type of baker that like to go above and beyond with service – sketches, tastings, deliveries etc? or are you all about quick and efficient? Service is as much part of your Niche as the actual cake or bake you offer.

Service examples:

  1. Postal boxes
  2. Design, consultation, and delivery
  3. Full wedding cake styling
  4. Dessert tables with full styling
  5. All cakes delivered in person
  6. Set designs to choose from
  7. Classes
  8. Fairs and markets
  9. Online range of cakes to choose from
  10. Only deal with corporate customers

What Now?

These are just starting ideas. You can use just one, or combine a few of the 4 Ways to Niche Your Baking Business and get the Niche that suits you the best.

For more information about Niche Markets and Ideal Client, listen to our Podcast here.

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