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Here at Daisy Cake Company we want to help you on your cake business journey. If you are a cake maker either just starting out, or have been going for a while but looking for some direction then we’re here to help.

Running a cake business doesn’t have to be working long hours for little pay, if you learn a few good business rules. It’s about making the cakes you love, for the customers you adore, for a price that will pay you a decent living.

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We love a good chat, and bring you a fortnightly podcast. It’s ideal if you are a cake maker running a small creative business, because you can learn from all our mistakes, so you don’t have to make the same ones!

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  3. Ep 55 – 5 things we love and 5 things we don’t love so much about running our cake businesses

But why trust us?

Bronya and Sammie have learnt a lot over their cake careers, and don’t want you to make the same mistakes!

They first met when Bronya owned a Cake shop and Tea Room in Romsey, Hampshire, and Sammie was her Head Baker. Nearly 10 years later they have been through a lot together.

Owning a Cake Shop wasn’t quite the dream Bronya had hoped, after 5 years she was over worked, burnt out, and creatively at her wits end…..Sammie was there to help hold the business together, but eventually the cracks became chasms.

Fast forward to now and they both have thriving cake businesses. Bronya made one big mistake with the shop and that was although it was well known for gorgeous and tasty cakes, behind the scenes the business knowledge was scarce. Bronya has learnt from that one mistake and has spent the last few years making sure her business knowledge is now as good as her cake decorating skills and she wants to share it with you!

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Bronya at Daisy Cake Company

Our Epsom based Award Winning Cake Studio delivering to London and The Home Counties

Daisy Cake Company, Hampshire

Our Award Winning Cake Studio based in Southampton, delivering to Hampshire, Wilshire and Dorset

Here at Daisy Cake Company we like to think differently about cake.

From extraordinary sculpted celebration cakes, to beautiful wedding cakes, Daisy Cake Company’s aim is to make all your cake dreams come true. We only use the finest ingredients and truly believe that a cake should taste as good as it looks, and we like them to look amazing!
We are 2 Award Winning Bakers, in 2 Cake Studios, both kicking boring cakes into touch.
We bring colour, texture and structure to the world of baking and want to banish standard round white cakes and encourage you to have a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach.
Cake should be exciting to look at and delicious to taste, and that’s the goal of us DCC girls.